Richard Irvine

Richard Irvine is an anthropologist based in the Department of Religious Studies at The Open Univerity. His PhD on Benedictine Monasticism was from the Division of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, where he lectured for 5 years. His current research explores the social conditions for enchantment and disenchantment in everyday life, and at the moment, his fieldwork focus is Orkney. | @robotforaday

Contributions by Richard Irvine


Magic and Modernity

This conversation between Richard Irvine, Theodoros Kyriakides and David G. Robertson concerns magical thinking in the modern world. We may think that such ideas are confined to the fringes in the secular, post-Enlightenment world, but this is not necessarily the case. We talk about Weber's rationalisation and James Frazer's evolutionary model of modernity, and how they relate to ideas of belief, and magic.



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