Raymond Haberski, Jr.

Raymond Haberski, Jr. is Professor of history, Director of American Studies, and Director of the Institute for American Thought at IUPUI. For the 2008–2009 academic year he held the Fulbright Danish Distinguished Chair in American Studies at the Copenhagen Business School. He is the author or editor of seven books, including Civil Religion Today: Religion and the Nation in the Twenty-First Century (NYU, 2021), American Labyrinth: Intellectual History for Troubled Times (Cornell, 2018), Voice of Empathy: A History of Franciscan Media in the United States (Catholic University, 2018), and God and War: American Civil Religion Since 1945 (Rutgers, 2012). His present research projects include a book on the ideological pivot of Catholic intellectuals during the 1980s. He is a co-founder of the Society for U.S. Intellectual History and co-hosts with Andrew Hartman a podcast called Trotsky and the Wild Orchids.


Contributions by Raymond Haberski, Jr.


“A Space of Encounter:” The U.S. Military and American Religious Pluralism

Raymond Haberski, Jr. writes that our interview with Ronit Stahl about Military chaplaincy "provides a nuanced picture of pluralism" in the United States. This reveals how massive institutions like the U.S. military operationalize pluralism to "both incorporate difference and flatten distinctions."