Paola Corrente

Paola Corrente is professor in the Academic Department of Humanities at Universidad del Pacífico (Peru). She is Doctor in Sciences of Religions for the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), Magister in Anthropology for the same university, and licenciate in Clasical Philology for the University of Salerno (Italy). Part of her doctoral research has been done in the Universities of Harvard and Oxford. Her research topics are related to mythology, religion and literature in ancient mediterranean civilizations, specially focusing on cosmogonic myths and the afterlife.


Contributions by Paola Corrente


Philology and the Comparative Study of Myths

In this week’s podcasts, Dr. Paola Corrente gives us insights in how the use of the philological approach can be beneficial for, not only providing a common and solid framework for comparative research but also, for providing more suitable ways of classification according to linguistic criteria. Her work on the “dying gods” –i.e. gods that die but come back to life– of Ancient Greece and Mesopotamia, which draws on the concept formulated by James George Frazer, provides a case for this exercise.