Nickolas Roubekas

Nickolas Roubekas is Teaching Fellow in Religious Studies at the University of Aberdeen. He received his PhD from the Aristotle University in Greece with a thesis on Euhemerus of Messene and his theory of religion. Before joining the University of Aberdeen he held a postdoctoral research fellowship at the University of South Africa in Pretoria, South Africa.


Contributions by Nickolas Roubekas


Religion, threskeia (θρησκεία) and the Return of the Hellenes: On Brent Nongbri's Before Religion

Nongbri’s work, as I see it, offers a very valuable tool not only in approaching and interpreting the ancient usage of terms such as religio and threskeia and their respective history but also how those ambiguous terms are adopted and used by modern people who long for those ancient practices that scholars label “religious” in order to establish claims that touch upon different matters