Michael Graziano

Dr. Michael Graziano is an Assistant Professor of Religion at the University of Northern Iowa. The disciplines of law, religion, and the United States government have thus far driven his research, especially his recent publication, Errand into the Wilderness of Mirrors: Religion and the History of the CIA. Even as a graduate student at Florida State University, Dr. Graziano pursued similar themes in his dissertation, "Religion and the Birth of the American Intelligence State."


Contributions by Michael Graziano


The Wilderness of Mirrors: Nationalism, Religion, and Secret Intelligence

You've heard of the CIA, but did you know that they're just as interested in religion as we are? Join Dr. Michael Graziano and Jacob Noblett as they discuss the impact of the OSS and CIA's religion-oriented intelligence operations across the globe!




New Religious Movements and Contemporary Discourses About Religion

Increased attention to religion by international governments and NGOs has not necessarily resulted in less problematic models of religion being used by these governments and groups. As I listened to Susan Palmer’s RSP interview and read about her new co-authored book (with Stuart A. Wright) Storming Zion: Government Raids on Religious Communities (2015), I was reminded why NRMs make such useful case studies in the religious studies classroom. From a pedagogical perspective, ...