Méadhbh McIvor

Dr. Méadhbh McIvor is Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester, where her work focuses on human rights, religious activism, and the legal regulation of religion in Europe and the United States. Prior to joining Manchester's Department of Social Anthropology in autumn 2021, Dr. McIvor held a Junior Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford, and taught anthropology and religious studies at University College London and the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She is the author of Representing God: Christian Legal Activism in Contemporary England, published in 2020 by Princeton University Press. Her current research explores the relationship between faith, civic engagement, and the pursuit of social justice among a progressive religious community in the US Southwest.


Contributions by Méadhbh McIvor


Religious Legal Activism: Abortion Rhetoric Among British Evangelicals

In this episode, Dr. Méadhbh McIvor joins Savannah Finver to discuss her recent book Representing God: Christian Legal Activism in Contemporary England. Dr. McIvor provides our listeners with the background for her project; the method of ethnography, as well as its challenges and implications for the study of religion; and how the belief in a certain kind of afterlife impacts the kinds of legal and political activism that her interlocutors are willing to engage in.