Marianne Vigdis Henriksen

Marianne Vigdis Henriksen earned her Bachelors degree in religion from the University of Tromsø and her MA degree in religion and society from the faculty of theology, University of Oslo. Her MA thesis was on Sami religion and identity at the indigenous festival "Riddu Riddu" (2011).  Her research interests are in the areas of shamanism, Sami culture and religion.
Marianne currently works for the Church of Norway as a coordinator.


Contributions by Marianne Vigdis Henriksen


Sámi Shamanism – Up Close and Personal

Riddu Riddu has been important for the Sámi population as a meeting place as well as for people who have lost their connection to the Sámi and wish to learn. In his RSP interview, David Gordon Wilson tells us why he started studying spiritualism and shamanism, his relation to shamanism now, and general problems one may face while studying these subjects.