Malory Nye

Malory Nye is an independent scholar based in Perth, Scotland, with teaching activities at the Universities of Glasgow, and also a research scholar at the Ronin Institute. He will be known to many listeners through his book Religion: The Basics (now being updated for a third edition), or perhaps through his blogging at, his podcasts Religion Bites and History’s Ink, or through his editorship of the journal Culture & Religion.

Of particular relevance to today’s podcast are his 2019 articles “Race and religion: postcolonial formations of power and whiteness” in MTSR and “Decolonizing the Study of Religion” in Open Library of Humanities, and is working on a book with Bloomsbury entitled “Race and Religion: postcolonial formations of power and difference”.


Contributions by Malory Nye


Decolonizing the Study of Religion

How can the field address its whiteness and the legacy of its colonial origins? In this final episode of our 2019/2020 season Christopher Cotter speaks with Malory Nye about decolonizing Religious Studies.