M.J.M. Hoondert

M.J.M. Hoondert is an associate professor in the Cultural Studies department at Tilberg University. His research focuses on music and death, repertoires in the crematorium, music and consolation, and music and grief. Hoondert's recent publications include “Liberating Rituals” published in the Dutch journal Pastoral Explorations and “A Jewish Requiem Commemorating the Second World War” in The Study of Culture through the Lens of Ritual.


Contributions by M.J.M. Hoondert


Death, Music, and Ritual: Contemporary Requiems in the Commemoration of Death and Violence

Hoondert discusses the step away from the liturgy associated with requiems as way for today's individual to deal with death or violence in their own way. Still, It is clear that the ritual elements of the requiem remains, hence where this contemporary music fits into the sacral landscape is up for debate.