Kati Curts

Kati Curts is a Ph.D. candidate in Religious Studies at Yale University. Her work focuses on the intersections of religion, affect, technology, and the secular. She is currently working on a dissertation, “Assembling Fords: A Harrowing History of Religion in the Automobile Age,” which interrogates religion in modern America through a cultural and religious history of Henry Ford and the Ford Motor Company. She has also published and presented on a range of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century images, objects, events, and performances, including composite photography, world’s fairs, scrapbooking and other collecting practices, audio-visual mash-ups in contemporary art, and mediations of the Scopes “Monkey Trial” in popular culture and museum displays.


Contributions by Kati Curts


What “in the world” is theory?

Despite Meyer's own resistance to being named a theorist, I argue that her sensational mediation is a form of theory making, one which more students of religion should embrace. Birgit Meyer’s interview with George Ioannides in the recently released Religious Studies Project podcast (6/30/2014) is a pedagogical tour de force. In this conversation, ...