Juan Fonseca Ariza

Licenciate in History for Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He is a graduate in the Master in History by the same university. He has also done studies in the Master of Cultural Studies of said university. Currently he works as professor in Humanities on Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas. His research has focused on the christian religious minorities of Peru and their relationship with politics. Among his publications are Misioneros y civilizadores: Protestantismo y modernización en el Perú, 1915-1930 (2002), “Protestantismo y movimientos sociales en el Perú”, in Políticas divinas: religión, diversidad y política en el Perú contemporáneo (2008), “El púlpito en la calle: evangélicos, sociedad y política en el Perú (1960-2011)”, in Seminario El Perú de los últimos 50 años (2014), and other scientific articles.



Contributions by Juan Fonseca Ariza


Politics of this world: Protestant, evangelical, and Pentecostal movements in Peru

Evangelicalism in Peru has become a driving force in politics and decision making across major subjects, such as gender-related policies and institutional power. In this podcast, professor Juan Fonseca aims to elaborate a brief history of Protestantism, in order to comprehend its current mainstream manifestation.