Josh Bullock

Josh Bullock is a postdoctoral research fellow at Kingston University, London. He is PhD in Sociology for the same university. His research has been focused on nonreligion, as his PhD thesis is about the Sunday Assembly in London, exploring the community building process and its relationship with believing and belonging. He has also participated in a broader research of nonbelief within the Understanding Unbelief (University of Kent) research programme, with the project “Reaching for a New Sense of Connection? Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Sociality of Generation Y Non-Believers in Northern and Central Europe” for mapping the diversity of unbelief.


Contributions by Josh Bullock


Unbelief as a Nuanced Phenomenon: The Sociality of Nonreligion across Europe

Unbelief has often been defined as either ignorance or rejection of religious systems, but this week's guests David Herbert and Josh Bullock see far more diversity in the ways one can be nonreligious based on their research on Gen Y in Europe.