John Rymon Bailey

Born and raised in Malvern, Arkansas, I was thankful to have lived near such a prominent institution as Henderson State University. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from HSU, and I am currently in HSU’s Master of Liberal Arts program, emphasis in social science. Throughout my college career, I have worked full-time as a residential/commercial carpenter for my father’s construction business. And more recently, along with my full-time jobs as a carpenter and graduate student, I have been employed as a graduate assistant in HSU’s writing center. In my spare time, when I have it, I enjoy volunteering (avid volunteer for the Hot Spring County Boys and Girls Club and Garland County Habitat for Humanity), building furniture, and spending time with my family. I take great pride in everything I do, and I was thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the Religious Studies Project.


Contributions by John Rymon Bailey


A New Approach to Faith Development Theory

"...the study of religion, spirituality, and faith [...] cannot be explored through simply descriptive statistics or only quantitative models but rather complex qualitative and empirical methods within sophisticated designs." Fowler’s Faith Development Theory has been most influential in guiding religious and spiritual research. However, while this theory is highly regarded in the realm of developmental psychology, controversy abounds regarding the validity of the faith development model. Heinz Strieb,