Jerry Espinoza Rivera

Jerry Espinoza Rivera is Assistant professor at the University of Costa Rica. He currently teaches Philosophy related subjects at the School of General Studies from that university. His research interests are related to Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis, the secularity of the state, and the relationship between ideology and conservative discourse.


Contributions by Jerry Espinoza Rivera


The secularization of discourse in contemporary Latin American neoconservatism

In this week’s podcast, Professor Jerry Espinoza Rivera explains how Latin American conservatism became neoconservatism. Though Latin America is diverse, conservatism has been a widespread in the region shaping not only the political power plays of religious institutions but the people's daily experience of the world. Recently, however, neoconservatism has managed to develop a language of its own that blends science and philosophy with historical analysis of the contemporary world political landscape to become an significant religio-cultural force.