J. Brent Crosson

J. Brent Crosson is an anthropologist of religion and secularism who works in the Caribbean. His research has focused on contestations over the limits of legal power, science, and religion in the Americas. His first book—Experiments with Power: Obeah and the Remaking of Religion—is published with University of Chicago Press (2020). His current research focuses on climate change, religion, and conceptions of energy, with chapters on these issues forthcoming in the edited volumes Mediality on Trial (De Gruyter Press), Climate Politics and the Power of Religion (Indiana Univ. Press), and Critical Approaches to Science and Religion (Cambridge Univ. Press).


Contributions by J. Brent Crosson


Obeah and Experiments with Power

What happens when we reframing spiritual practices as an "experiment with power"? This week, J. Brent Crosson joins Ray Kim to discuss how we can challenge conventional understandings of religion and law in modern nation-states. Be sure to tune in!




Reflections on "Religious Racism"

Responding to our interview with Danielle N. Boaz, J. Brent Crosson reflects on when and how African diaspora practices are classified as "religion" or "witchcraft" and unpacks the socio-legal effects of these categorizations.