Ivan Strenski

Ivan Strenski is Holstein Family & Community Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California, Riverside. He is the author of fifteen books and over 75 articles, including Thinking about Religion, Contesting Sacrifice, Durkheim and the Jews of France, Four Theories of Myth in Twentieth Century History, and The New Durkheim. Please see his website, http://ivanstrenski.net/, for a full CV, biography,  and publications list.


Contributions by Ivan Strenski


Emile Durkheim

"...a vital tradition of the study of religion is the Durkheimian intellectual tradition. Generally dismissed by many in the study of religion because of its supposedly narrow "sociological" bent, the school of scholarship represented by Émile Durkheim, Henri Hubert, Marcel Mauss, Louis Dumont, Roger Caillois, Georges Bataille and others is, ...