Israel L. Domínguez

Israel L. Domínguez is a doctoral student in the Religion in the Américas track of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His interests include queer theory, disability theory, and borderlands study. His work focuses on curanderismo of the US-México borderlands, colonial resistance, and decolonization. Israel works as a Features Editor for the RSP.

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Contributions by Israel L. Domínguez


Curanderismo Roundtable

What is curanderismo and where is it practiced? How does it connect to the borderlands? Is it a "folk" religion, and what exactly does that mean? Tune in with Andie Alexander, Israel L. Domínguez, Brett Hendrickson, and Jennifer Koshatka Seman for the RSP's first episode on curanderismo!