Evan Stewart

Evan Stewart is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Minnesota studying political culture across a variety of institutional and community contexts. As a research fellow with the American Mosaic Project, his current collaborative work looks at public opinion on current issues, religious prejudice, and non-religious identity formation. As an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow with the Center for the Study of Political Psychology, his dissertation research examines the political impact of the growing non-religious population in the United States through a mixed method study of public opinion, elite political discourse, and secular advocacy strategies. Evan is also a graduate editor for The Society Pages. He holds a BA in political theory from Michigan State University and an MA in sociology from UMN.


Contributions by Evan Stewart


Surveying the Sacred and Secular

With a good representative sample, we can learn about how religion shapes the way people answer new questions, rather than what they believe about the issues alone. The RSP’s interview with Darren Sherkat arrives at a time when research on religion has caught a bit of the media spotlight. Both The Atlantic and Religion Dispatches recently touched on issues with surveys in their reviews of Robert Wuthnow’s new book, Inventing American Religion. In this book, ...