Egil Asprem

Egil Asprem is a postdoctoral scholar at the Department of Religious Studies, University of California Santa Barbara. Most of his work straddles the fields of  religious studies, Western esotericism, and history of science. His current research project entitled Occult Minds adds cognitive science of religion to the mix, and is funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Asprem is the author of Arguing with Angels (SUNY, 2012), and co-editor of Contemporary Esotericism (Equinox/Acumen, 2013).  His blog is called Heterodoxology.


Contributions by Egil Asprem


Religion in the Age of Cyborgs

What happens to religion if the future belongs to the cyborgs? Merlin Donald’s Big Thoughts on the evolution of culture offer opportunities to speculate about the place of religion in the natural history of our species – an opportunity most recently taken by Robert Bellah in his much discussed last book, Religion in Human Evolution: From the Paleolithic to the Axial Age (2011).