Edward Wigley

Edward Wigley is a PhD researcher in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of the West of England with an academic background in Religious Studies with BA Honours from Lancaster University and MA from the Open University. My research examines religious and spiritual practices beyond the official spaces of religion. Informed by the new mobilities paradigm this research seeks to understand the construction of spaces that inform personal spirituality in the flows of people, places and products that characterises contemporary society in the UK.


Contributions by Edward Wigley


Beyond Maps: Eoin O’Mahony’s Geographies of Religion and the Secular in Ireland

We should be aware of the delocalising effect of attempts to remove religion from public spaces and the consequences this process has for those who dwell and invest meaning within these spaces. Eoin O’Mahony’s work reflects a growing and consolidating movement in the Geography discipline over the last 15 years, which after a history of stops and starts, has made significant progress in attempting to understand spatiality of religion.