Darren Sherkat

Darren Sherkat is Professor of Sociology at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. He has published widely in the sociology of religion, and served as an editor of several journals of sociology and sociology of religion. Working primarily quantitatively, Sherkat’s work has covered religious demography, religious social movements, fundamentalism, religious switching and apostasy, religion and politics, and the connections between religion and immigration, race, ethnicity, family, class status, education, employment, same-sex marriage, marital infidelity, healthcare, and environmentalism. He is the author of two recently published books: Changing Faith: The Dynamics and Consequences of Americans’ Shifting Religious Identities (2014) and Religion and Inequality in America: Research and Theory on Religion’s Role in Stratification (2014), which he co-edited with Lisa Keister.


Contributions by Darren Sherkat


Religious Demography in the US

In this week's podcast we focus on religious demography and identification, survey tools used for religious demography in America, differences between religious identities and identifications, Americans’ shifting religious identifications, correlations between religion and social positions such as ethnicity or generational cohort, and correlations with various social and political issues.