Cyrus Schleifer

Cyrus Schleifer is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Oklahoma. His research examines different statistical approaches to modeling change in religious belief, practice, and belonging. He is currently focusing on modeling gender inequalities within religious institutions, uncovering the changing patterns in the relationship between religion and higher education, and mapping national level changes in religious belonging within the US. Some of his recent publications appear (will appear) in the American Sociological ReviewJournal of Sociological Methods & ResearchSocial Science ResearchSocial Science QuarterlyJournal for the Scientific Study of ReligionSociology of Religion, and the Review of Religious Research.


Contributions by Cyrus Schleifer


The Important Tasks Facing American Religious Demographers

"By focusing entirely on cohort turnover, we may be missing some important individual-level changes in religious expression across the life course."