Céline Benoit

I joined Aston University as a Teaching Associate in 2010. Most of my teaching takes place in the Languages and Translation Studies section, where I lead and teach modules on Education and Pedagogy (School Experience modules), Business and Economy (IBML modules), and language skills (IBML modules). I also lead and teach modules that are sociologically-focused (both for Language students [LU3001] and Sociology students [LK3031]), which reflect my research interests. My PhD, entitled Representing Religions in Schools: Locating the Self and the ‘Other’ explores the construction of religion and the representation of religious communities in primary education. I am the convenor for Socrel (BSA Sociology of Religion Study Group).


Contributions by Céline Benoit


RE Commission report: A Way Forward?

At a recent RE research and policy conference #2020RE, Dr Wendy Dossett had the opportunity to chat with two of the Commissioners and authors of the Religion and Worldviews report, Dr Joyce Miller and Prof Eleanor Nesbitt, along with Religious Education sociologist (and convener of SOCREL), Céline Benoit. Their conversation ranged over some of the following issues: the rationale for the move from calling the subject ‘Religious Education’ to ‘Religion and Worldviews’; the inadequacy for the classroom of a world religions approach; the degree to which faith communities are entitled to influence what gets taught in schools; and the anomaly of the so-called withdrawal clause.