Boris Briones Soto

Boris Briones Soto is a Doctor in Geography and History for the Universidad de Cantabria (Spain), and Dottore in Storia, Antropologia, Religioni for the Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy). His doctoral dissertation is titled “Spirituality, symbolism, and mythology in South America: Comparative religiosity of the Selk’nam and Mapuche cultures” (available in Spanish). He is the president of the Chilean Society for the Sciences of Religions, a scientific society dedicated to the promotion of academic research on religions and its scientific divulgation.

His most recent publications are a book out of his dissertation titled “Historia de la religión Selk'nam de Tierra del Fuego” (History of Selk’nam religion of Tierra del Fuego); and an edited volume with Sidney Castillo titled, Religiosidad popular contemporánea: Perspectivas americanistas (Popular contemporary religiosity: Americanists perspectives). His research interests are related to indigenous religiosity of the Americas, early Christianity, the Spanish Inquisition in South America, and inter-religious dialogue.

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South American Austral Religions in an Ethnohistorical Comparative Perspective

In this episode, Boris Briones talks with Sidney Castillo on his comparative research of the Mapuche and Selk'nam of austral South America. Check it out to learn a thing or two about ethnohistory and scientific divulgation!