Barbara Krawcowicz

Barbara Krawcowicz is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Religious Studies of Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Her work centers on modern and contemporary Judaism and the question how Jews have been transforming and reinventing their religious ideas and discourses in response to events seen as challenging their current forms. In addition, Barbara is also interested in the history of categories commonly used in the academic study of Judaism. Her first book is William James: Pragmatism and Religion (Wroclaw University Press, 2007) and her second is History, Metahistory, and Evil: Jewish Theological Responses to the Holocaust (Academic Studies Press, 2020). Krawcowicz is also editor of the forthcoming volume Thinking with Jonathan Z. Smith: Mapping Methods in the Study of Religion (Equinox).


Contributions by Barbara Krawcowicz


Where was God?: Jewish Theological Responses to the Holocaust

Where was God during the Holocaust? There is no straightforward answer to this and there are different viewpoints across the different streams of Judaism. Join Dr. Breann Fallon as she speaks with Dr. Barbara Krawcowicz on her recent monograph exploring Jewish theological responses to the Holocaust.