Anna Lutkajtis

Anna Lutkajtis is a higher degree researcher from Sydney, Australia. Her research focuses on psychedelics, mysticism and the healing potential of altered states of consciousness. She is particularly interested in the relationship between spirituality, mystical experiences, and how traditional contemplative and spiritual practices have been integrated into modern Western psychology. Her book, The Dark Side of Dharma, examines why meditation adverse effects, while well known in spiritual and religious traditions, have been ignored in contemporary Western secular contexts. Her PhD project is focused on the phenomenology of the psilocybin experience. She holds a B. Psychology (Hons) degree from The University of New South Wales, a Master of Art Administration degree from the College of Fine Arts, and a Master of Arts (Research: Religion Studies) degree from The University of Sydney. Her publications can be found at


Contributions by Anna Lutkajtis


Manifestos and the Academic Study of Religion

What are manifestos? How are they employed in society? What can the academic study of religion offer to help understand them? The faculty and students in the Dept. of Studies in Religion at the University of Sydney have a few thoughts on that. Tune in to learn more!