Angela Puca

I was born in Naples (Italy) where I also studied (University of Naples ‘L’orientale’) and achieved my BA and MA degrees in Philosophy. I’m now a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Leeds Trinity University and a Doctoral Researcher in the Department of Religious Studies at University of Leeds/Leeds Trinity University. As an undergraduate, I mainly studied Philosophy, with a special focus on Eastern Philosophies and Religions.

Throughout my Academic formation, I studied Latin, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit and Tibetan (Classical and Modern) to translate primary sources of interest from different philosophical and religious traditions. During my Master's Degree, I expanded my knowledge on Religious Studies, focussing on Buddhism and Indian and Tibetan religions. After my Master, my research interest shifted towards Paganism and Shamanism, particularly their contemporary manifestations in the Western Society. My current doctoral project is on “Autochthonous and Trans-cultural Shamanism in Italy”, supervised by Dr Suzanne Owen and Prof Graham Roberts.

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What is the point of of academic conferences?: A roundtable discussion

Why attend conferences? What is the point? What else could we do instead that might be a better use of our time? And how did we find having a fully-functional podcast studio set up at this conference? These are just a few of the issues that crop up in this lively roundtable discussion, facilitated by the inestimable Moritz Klenk.