Amanda Lucia

Amanda Lucia (MA, PhD, University of Chicago) is an Associate Professor of Religious Studies at University of California-Riverside. Her research engages transnational articulations of modern, global Hinduism. Her forthcoming book, White Utopias: Spirituality, Transformational Festivals, and American Yoga, focuses on the intersections of race and American adoptions of Indic spirituality. She is also crafting a body of research on celebrity gurus, sexuality, scandal, and mediated religion. Her first book, Reflections of Amma: Devotees in a Global Embrace (2014), focused on transnationalism and gender in a global guru movement. Her articles have been published in leading journals in the field.



Contributions by Amanda Lucia


On the Global Guru Circuit: From India to the West and Back Again

As transnational gurus have increasingly mobilized globally in multidirectional patterns and occupy significant virtual spaces of connectivity, the ideal that religious traditions are dependent on geographical fixity has become increasingly destabilized.