Religious Studies Opportunities Digest – 31 August 2012

31 August 2012 Issueimage of books

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Promoting Peace, Inciting Violence: The Role of Religion and Media (Media, Religion and Culture) – Jolyon Mitchell (Sept 2012)

This book explores how media and religion combine to play a role in promoting peace and inciting violence. It analyses a wide range of media – from posters, cartoons and stained glass to websites, radio and film – and draws on diverse examples from around the world, including Iran, Rwanda and South Africa.

  • Part One considers how various media forms can contribute to the creation of violent environments: by memorialising past hurts; by instilling fear of the ‘other’; by encouraging audiences to fight, to die or to kill neighbours for an apparently greater good.
  • Part Two explores how film can bear witness to past acts of violence, how film-makers can reveal the search for truth, justice and reconciliation, and how new media can become sites for non-violent responses to terrorism and government oppression. To what extent can popular media arts contribute to imagining and building peace, transforming weapons into art, swords into ploughshares?


Sociology of Religion – Advance Notice –

Culture and Religion

Buddhist Forum


International Congress: Rethinking Europe with(out) religion. Deadline for abstracts 30 September 2012

Full details as PDF can be found here CFP_Rethinking Europe with(out) Religion

Sehr geehrte Interessierte an der Forschungsplattform RaT! Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen!

Die Forschungsplattform „Religion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society“ (RaT) möchte Sie hiermit auf den im Februar 2013 stattfindenden Kongress „Rethinking Europe with(out) Religion“ aufmerksam machen.

Details sowie ein Anmeldeformular finden Sie auf der Kongress-Homepage:

Die Kolleginnen und Kollegen an Universitäten und Bildungseinrichtungen bitte ich, diese Information im Rahmen der Ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden Möglichkeiten weiterzuleiten. Bitte machen Sie Studierende auf diesen Kongress aufmerksam! Für alle Fälle hänge ich den CfP an.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen und allen guten Wünschen für einen erholsamen Sommer!


Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Senior Lecturer in Japanese Studies

Lehigh University – Associate or Full Professor, medieval or modern Judaism, and Director of Berman Center for Jewish Studies

University at Albany – Assistant Professor – Eastern Mediterranean Religion

University of Toronto Mississauga – Assistant Professor, South Asian Religious Literatures


Title: Harry Starr Fellowship in Judaica:  Historical

Consciousness and the Jewish Historical Imagination

Location: Massachusetts

Description: The Center for Jewish Studies and the Department of

History, Harvard University invite applications for the

2013-2014 Harry Starr Fellowship in Judaica, on the theme:

Historical Consciousness and the Jewish Historical Imagination.

This includes, but is not limited to Jewish historiography in

all per …



Announcement ID: 196546

Title: Gangolf Schrimpf Visiting Fellowship, Fulda Faculty of


Date: 2012-09-30

Description: The Gangolf Schrimpf Visiting Fellowship will be

awarded to a junior or senior scholar with a well-defined

research project within the field of medieval studies (e.g.

History, Theology, Philosophy, Literature) who wants to spend

at least one month, and up to three months, at the Institute

Bibliothec …



Announcement ID: 196478