Religious Studies Opportunities Digest – 12 July 2013

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Material Religion: The Journal of Objects, Art and Belief, vol 9, no. 2;jsessionid=7hajm9ofn29tq.alice

Journal of Hindu Studies, Advance Access

Religion, State and Society, vol 41, issue 2

Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal volume 26 (July 2013)


Catalog from Shambhala Publications (including our Snow Lion imprint) that is specific to Tibetan Buddhist Studies.

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This is of course a small subset of our almost 800 books on Buddhism, all of which you can find at


‘The Anthropology of Protestantism: Faith and Crisis among Scottish Fishermen’, published as part of Palgrave’s Contemporary Anthropology of Religion series.

The book examines how life in the radically fundamentalist Brethren movement relates to life as a deep sea fisherman.

Joseph Webster

Prof. Joel Robbins, UCSD, says of the book:

“This is quite simply the most compelling, rounded account of the lives of fundamentalist Christians that we have in the anthropological literature. All that is important to the Christians of this Scottish fishing village is here – the prayers, the sermons, the sense of human degradation and potential salvation, the immanence of the divine, the imminence of the end times, and the drive to proselytize everywhere, even in the midst of hard and dangerous work at sea. And of course the importance of divine word is here too, in a profound account of the ‘sincere’ bible reading and speaking that ties these lives together. Concluding with a stunning reconceptualization of modern enchantment as consubstantiation, this elegantly written and powerfully argued book should be read by anyone who wants to know how such demanding forms of Christianity are lived in the contemporary world”.


CFP: 2013 Annual Conference on Social Studies, Communication and Education

Date: 2013-11-21

Description: The Annual Conference on Social Studies, Communication and Education (ACSSC 2013) will be held from  November 21 to 23 2013, at the beautiful city, Okinawa, Japan. The objective of ACSSC is to provide a forum for researchers and technologists to present new ideas and contributions in the  form of tech …



Announcement ID: 204853


CFP: ARCHAEOACOUSTICS – The Archaeology of Sound

Date: 2014-02-19

Description: An international multi-disciplinary event that welcomes academics, researchers, musicologists and non-presenting enthusiasts. Anyone can attend. Anticipated  presentations include performance, discoveries, observations and science from around the world — all focused on the Archaeology of Sound. 19-2 …



Announcement ID: 204774


CFP: Islamic Banking and Finance,Theoretical Developments and Experiencing Realities

Date: 2014-04-29

Description: The conference pursues the theme of culmination of theories that are meant to develop the qualitative and quantitave expansion of the Islamic finance as well the realities faced by this sector in the financial markets. We would like to receive original contributions in but not exclusively the follow …


Announcement ID: 204792



Nanyang Technological University – Assistant Professors in the Division of Sociology


Loyola University Maryland – Assistant Professor in East Asian History


Rice University – Post Doctoral Fellowship in the history of the modern Middle East


Princeton University – Assistant Professor, Israel Studies


The American University in Cairo – Middle East Studies


Research Assistant

School of Divinity, History & Philosophy, University of Aberdeen

A permanent lectureship in the Department of Sociology at the University of York, UK, welcomes applications from anthropologists. The deadline is August 2nd.



The “CDC Research Lab” at Leuphana University Lueneburg is seeking to appoint one research associate at doctoral level (EG 13 TV-L, 75% for three years), starting from 1. September 2013.

The new CDC Research Lab is situated in the larger, transdisciplinary, cross-faculty “Centre for Digital Cultures” (CDC), which – with its more than 90 international researchers – bundles research and development activities within digital media at Leuphana University. The CDC Research Lab is funded by the “Niedersaechsisches Vorab” program, and will host international fellows as well as younger researchers, who work on a research program consisting of four thematic fields: (a) questions of the technological conditions of digital cultures, (b) new forms of cooperation, collectivity and organisation, (c) shifts in political participation and affective control, as well as (d) methodological problems and experiments in the research of digital cultures.

The doctoral project of the applicant should be located within the thematic field (b): Digital cultures confront us with new and complex phenomena of sociality, be it in relation to cooperation, collectivity or organisation. Doctoral projects could, for example, situate themselves in the border area between media studies or software studies on the one hand and social anthropology, organisation theory, or sociology on the other. Alternative interpretations of the thematic field (b) are equally welcome.

Your tasks:

* Independent work on a doctoral project, which contributes clearly to the thematic field of “re-thinking sociality” (= field b)

* Preparation and support of the activities of the CDC Research Lab

* Preparation and discussion of research literature

* Development of own projects and thematic foci

* Conceptual involvement in the organisation of presentations, reading groups and workshops

* There is no requirement to teach, but own teaching activities are possible



* Completed masters degree or equivalent with a clear relation to of the thematic fields of the CDC Research Lab.

* Excellent proposed doctoral project fitting the thematic fields of the CDC Research Lab

* Familiarity with current methods of the appropriate thematic field

* Preparedness to enrol for the doctoral programme at Leuphana University Lueneburg and presence at the CDC Research Lab in Lueneburg


For more information how to apply, see




Society for the Humanities Fellowships 2014-2015

Location: New York

Date: 2013-10-01

Description: For the 2014-2015 focal theme, Sensation, Cornell Universitys Society for the Humanities seeks interdisciplinary research projects that reflect on philosophical, aesthetic,

political, ecological, psychoanalytical, and cultural understandings of sensation. Cornells Atkinson Center for a Sustainable F …



Announcement ID: 204849