Published in conjunction with the Religious Studies Project, we are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 21, issues 1 & 2, of Implicit Religion.

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Volume 21, Number 1

Religion on the Radio: Using Christmas religious broadcasting to reframe the sacred-secular interface
Christopher Deacy

Christian Discourses and Cultural Change: The Greenbelt Art and Performance Festival as an Alternative Community for Green and Liberal Christians
Maria Nita

An Implicit Religion of Control: Corporate Mindfulness Meditation Programs
George Sanders

Playing the Myth: Video Games as Contemporary Mythology
Vivian Asimos

Review Article
Theory, Method, and Implicit Religion
James Murphy

Volume 21, Number 2

Editor’s Foreword
David G. Robertson

Holy Disobedience: Political Resistance in the London Catholic Worker Community
Anna Blackman

Spaces of Secular Faith? Shared Assets and Intangible Values in Diverse, Changing Communities
Katie McClymont

An Occult Royal Wedding: Public State Ceremonies as Rituals of Civil Irreligion
Nicholas R.E. Toseland

Practical magic: The Political Economy of British Paganism, From Religious Affiliation Toward Popular Enchantment
Jonathan Woolley

Just Out of Reach: An Ethnographic Theory of Magic and Rationalisation
Richard D.G. Irvine , Theodoros Kyriakides