In preparation for the Religious Studies Project’s Christmas Special 2013, we need YOU to help us collect some responses to a short questionnaire. Your help is invaluable and greatly appreciated. All that we ask is that you (anonymously) spare us 500 seconds, attempt to answer the following 5 questions (100 seconds each), and promise to do so without consulting the internet or other reference books (it will spoil the effect).

In order to assist you with timekeeping, you can find an online timer here and enter 1 minute and 40 seconds: Apologies for the formatting of this form… WordPress only allows so much… Please feel free to circulate this link around friends and colleagues – the more responses the better! For now, let’s get on with it. Here are the five questions. Thanks for listening!

**EDIT – Please don’t hit ENTER until you complete the full questionnaire. Just hit SUBMIT at the end. Thanks.**

EDIT 2 – We’re all done! Thanks for the amazing response from everyone. It has made for a very entertaining episode that we look forward to sharing with you at Christmas!