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When the Word is a Sound: Toward a Sensory Scholarship of Religion

Rebecca Barrett-Fox
Music forcefully reminds us of religion’s timebound nature and holds its own systems of rhythm and inflection—you cannot skim music the way you can cram a text.

America's Changing Religious Landscape (Classroom Edit)

Thomas Coleman III
The religious landscape of the United States is changing dramatically.…

Unnatural Narratives: Religion in Horror Stories

Supernatural horror’s depiction of religion takes place note only within fantastic spaces but can also depict the uncanny elements of religious belief within an otherwise recognizable “heimlich” space.
genre fiction
Stephen King

New Publication: Death, Ritual and Belief

Sammy Bishop
The RSP is delighted to be sponsored this month by a new publication from Douglas Davies - Death, Ritual and Belief: The Rhetoric of Funerary Rites Now in its third edition, this text provides an excellent introduction to key authors and authorities on death beliefs, bereavement, grief, and ritual-symbolism, all from a Religious Studies perspective (including anthropology and sociology).

Buddhists and the future of democratic space in Myanmar

Melissa Crouch’s recent edited volume Islam and the State in Myanmar: Muslim-Buddhist Relations and the Politics of Belonging is a very welcome addition to the dialogue on Buddhist-Muslim relations in Southeast Asia. In the podcast Melissa alludes to a particular phenomenon around South and Southeast Asia.
969 Movement
Melissa Crouch
Muslim NGOs
NGOs series
Paul Fuller

RSP subscribers get a 30% discount on "Implicit Religion"!

Thomas Coleman III
Now published in collaboration with the Religious Studies Project,Subscribers to the RSP receive a 30% discount on subscriptions. Clickto access the journal's subscription page and enter the codeDISCOUNT30This international journal offers a platform for scholarship that challenges the traditional boundary between religion and non-religion and the tacit assumptions underlying this distinction.
David Robertson
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Religious Studies Project Opportunities Digest - 26 April 2016

Jane Skjoldli
We are pleased to bring you this week’s opportunities digest and would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has submitted calls for papers, event notifications, job vacancies, etc. On that note, we would also like to encourage you to continue to do so (and invite those who remain hesitant to begin)! It is super easy to have a Religious Studies call for papers, exciting event, or alluring job vacancy appear in future Opportunities Digests!
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chaos symposium
oxford symposium
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Religious Studies Project Opportunities Digest - 24 November 2015

Jane Skjoldli
Calls for papers Book series: Bloomsbury Studies in Religion,…
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Religious Studies Opportunities Digest - 6 July 2012

Louise Connelly
Religious normative frameworks in cyberspace, networking diasporas, religious collaborative environments, on-line counseling, on-line fatwas and cyber muftis, new religious movements, religious discourses in cyberspace, methodology of online-religion research, rituals in cyberspace etc. Note: Authors of accepted papers will be invited to submit their papers for peer review to Masaryk University Journal of Law and Technology (MUJLT – or Cyberpsychology (
Job Opportunities
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Religious Studies Opportunities Digest - 29 June 2012 - Jobs, Journals and more

Christopher Cotter
Significant time has been set aside in the conference schedule for short papers (i.e., 20 mins) and discussion. Established and emerging scholars from a wide range of disciplines – including, but not limited to, theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, social work, history, and law (canon and secular) – are strongly encouraged to consider submitting a proposal.
Job Opportunities