Over the past two-and-a-half years, the RSP Team have become increasingly aware that the podcasts and other resources that we disseminate are being used in a variety of interesting, innovative and unexpected ways in the teaching of Religious Studies, both by ‘students’ and their ‘teachers’, and at all levels of education.

While we are aware – and delighted – that this is happening, we have little solid information on how this is actually playing out. In order to continue to improve and develop the service we provide, and partly out of sheer curiosity, we are seeking your feedback.

If you have made use of the RSP in your teaching, or have been a student on a course where the RSP has made an appearance (however small), we would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to respond to five short questions. If you fall into both categories, then by all means answer both sets of questions. Please fill your answers in on the contact forms at the links below, or send an email to editors@religiousstudiesproject.com.

Chris and Jack are also hoping to put together a short article for the BASR Bulletin which will focus upon how the RSP can be/has been utilized in teaching. We would like to use the feedback from these questions in that article, and potentially in other publicity materials, so please indicate your willingness (or otherwise) to have your comments used in this way, and if you wish to remain anonymous.

Many thanks for your time and continued support. Any help with passing this appeal on to others who may have something to say would be greatly appreciated.

Yours aye,

Your friends at the RSP.