Vestal Nike and the Corporate Profit/Prophet

Rebecca Barrett-Fox
The vacuum created by the blatant abuses of power by suddenly illegitimate authorities has exposed the spiritual needs of starving Americans, from sea to shining sea.
Colin Kaepernick
Donald Trump

Time Travel and Fictions of Science

Despite his best scholarly efforts, Tylor’s Anahuac is “fiction” in the same way that Europeans have drawn on their vast reservoir of myths, legends, and stories of Amazons and the Lost Tribes of Israel in their mastery of the Americas. In 1856, Edward Burnett Tylor, of inscribed with “Huitzilopochtli the god of war, Teoyaomiqui his wife, and Mictlanteuctli the god of hell” all compiled into a gruesome symbol of Aztec religion. “There is little doubt," Tylor opined, “that this is the famous war-idol which stood on the great teocalliof Mexico,...
Dr. Who
Rudy Busto
Science Fiction

New Posters, and Looking to the Future

Christopher Cotter
With a new academic year upon us (or already started in some regions), conference season fast approaching, and a new round of Religious Studies Project podcasts coming your way, we thought it was time to update our publicity material. Louise has done a sterling job on these posters and flyers, and I hope that you will all agree that it makes us look very professional.


David Robertson
Submitting to journals, increasing academic visibility, getting funding - whether you're an undergraduate or an early-career academic, or even if you aim to be one of these, you need these posts in your life. We will publish to our resources category every Wednesday - with the first post occuring on 18 January 2012.