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Unruly Women: Neocolonialism, Race, and Discrimination


29 August 2022

For our first episode of Season 12, Falguni A. Sheth joins RSP editor Andie Alexander to discuss issues of liberalism, racial discrimination, religious freedom, and governance with regard to Muslim women of color and Black Muslim women in the US.


Andie Alexander


Falguni A. Sheth


Authorities and the Past | Discourse! June 2022 (with video)


27 June 2022

Join Ben Marcus, Lauren Horn Griffin, and Jade Hui as they discuss issues of religious freedom, tradition, and authority in topics ranging from Justice Alito's leaked draft decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization to public ritual and performance art in Hong Kong. Tune in to learn more!


Benjamin P. Marcus


Lauren Horn Griffin


Jade Hui


Abortion, Climate Change Protests, & Ukraine Invasion | Discourse! May 2022 (with video)


30 May 2022

Tune in for our new Discourse! episode with Carmen Becker, Susannah Crockford, and Savannah Finver as they discuss legal issues of rights, abortion, protests, and more!


Susannah Crockford


Carmen Becker


Savannah H. Finver


Cults and NRMs: An RSP Remix, Part I


20 May 2022

Tune in for Part I of our RSP Remix episodes on Cults and New Religious Movements!


David G. Robertson


Eileen Barker


Stephen Gregg


Joseph Webster


Susan J. Palmer


Curanderismo Roundtable


2 May 2022

What is curanderismo and where is it practiced? How does it connect to the borderlands? Is it a "folk" religion, and what exactly does that mean? Tune in with Andie Alexander, Israel L. Domínguez, Brett Hendrickson, and Jennifer Koshatka Seman for the RSP's first episode on curanderismo!


Andie Alexander


Israel L. Domínguez


Jennifer Koshatka Seman


Brett Hendrickson