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Supreme Court to Coulter: Negotiating Religion in the Public Sphere | Discourse! April 2023


1 May 2023

Join Matt Sheedy, Tyler Tully, and host Candace Mixon as they discuss the ramifications of the in-progress Supreme Court case Groff vs. Dejoy, the Catholic Church’s decision to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery, and a recent controversial tweet by the conservative media pundit, Ann Coulter. In threading these discussions together, they consider religion as negotiated in the public sphere and the limits of accommodations across religious boundaries.


Matt Sheedy


Candace Mixon


Tyler M. Tully


Keep Hope Alive: Preparing for White Christian Nationalism


17 April 2023

Tune in this week with Raymond Radford and Bradley Onishi as they discuss white Christian nationalism, evangelicalism, the Jan. 6 insurrection, and much more!


Raymond Radford

Ray Radford


Bradley Onishi


Religion under Attack? | Discourse! March 2023


27 March 2023

Join host Suzanne Newcombe, Carmen Becker, and Michael Munnik for this month's episode of Discourse! They discuss discrimination in a few European cases, including the SNP, protests at an abortion clinic, and more!


Suzanne Newcombe


Carmen Becker


Michael Munnik


The Church of Saint Thomas Paine: Religion without God


13 March 2023

Tune in for today's #RSPmonday featuring Leigh Eric Schmidt and Dan Gorman discussing religion without God and the use of Thomas Paine as a symbol of atheism.


Daniel Gorman, Jr.


Leigh Eric Schmidt


Spitting on the Sacred: Politics and Redefining Profanation


6 March 2023

In this episode, Jacob Noblett talks to Dr. Finbarr Curtis about his recent book, Going Low: How Profane Politics Challenges American Democracy, to help breakdown the rejuvenation of populist political narratives and movements.


Finbarr Curtis


Jacob Noblett