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Religious Literacy and Its Discontents | Discourse! February 2023


27 February 2023

Join Benjamin P. Marcus, Paulina Gruffman, and Charles McCrary for this month's #RSPdiscourse as they discuss a recent Pew survey on religious literacy and the so-called Asbury revival. Be sure to tune in!


Charles McCrary


Benjamin P. Marcus


Paulina Gruffman


Navigating the Discursive Study of Religion


20 February 2023

In today's episode, Teemu Taira and Andie Alexander discuss how social groups negotiate the category 'religion' and the relevance of the discursive methods in the study of religion.


Teemu Taira


Andie Alexander


Where was God?: Jewish Theological Responses to the Holocaust


13 February 2023

Where was God during the Holocaust? There is no straightforward answer to this and there are different viewpoints across the different streams of Judaism. Join Dr. Breann Fallon as she speaks with Dr. Barbara Krawcowicz on her recent monograph exploring Jewish theological responses to the Holocaust.


Breann Fallon


Barbara Krawcowicz


Critical Approaches to Studying Religion in Film


6 February 2023

Ting Guo chats with Rebekka King and Tenzan Eaghall about their new edited volume, Representing Religion in Film (Bloomsbury 2022), and they explore the “ideological blindspot” of existing studies on religion and film, have a listen!


Ting Guo


Rebekka King


Tenzan Eaghll


Oversimplified Binaries | Discourse! January 2023


30 January 2023

This month's Discourse! features our co-founder Chris Cotter, Lauren Horn Griffin, and Kristi Boone complicating and unpacking oversimplified binaries—be sure to tune in!


Christopher R. Cotter


Lauren Horn Griffin


Kristi Boone