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Freak Out!: How Critical Race Theory became a Moral Panic | Discourse! June 2021 (with video)

28 June 2021

For our final episode of Season 10, join Andie Alexander, Ishanika Sharma, and K. Merinda Simmons as they talk all things Critical Race Theory—or at least what can be covered in one episode!


K. Merinda Simmons


Andie Alexander


Ishanika Sharma


Sovereignty and Spiritual Warfare

21 June 2021

Join Savannah H. Finver and Dr. S. Jonathon O'Donnell as they talk demons, American politics, interdisciplinary methodologies, and the critical study of religion.


S. Jonathon O'Donnell


Savannah H. Finver


South American Austral Religions in an Ethnohistorical Comparative Perspective

14 June 2021

In this episode, Boris Briones talks with Sidney Castillo on his comparative research of the Mapuche and Selk'nam of austral South America. Check it out to learn a thing or two about ethnohistory and scientific divulgation!


Sidney Castillo


Boris Briones Soto


Islam, Politics, and Identity: The (Im)possibility of Sudan's Islamic State

7 June 2021

Is the Islamic state simply a reaction against the modern secular nation-state, or is there more to it? Join us as Noah Salomon answers this question among many more as he talks about his book For Love of the Prophet: An Ethnography of Sudan's Islamic State.


Ray Kim


Noah Salomon


On Human Remains | Discourse! May 2021 (with video)

1 June 2021

It's a bumper episode of Discourse this month, as four (count them, four!) RSP editors sit down to discuss how the media are talking about religion this month. First, Breann, David, and Dave introduce Andie as the RSP's new Managing Editor, before we discuss mass COVID cremations in India, a new synagogue at the site of a Nazi massacre in the Ukraine, protests over a new telescope in Hawaiʻi, and the scandal over the remains of the victims of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia. It's not our most lighthearted episode.


David G. Robertson


David McConeghy


Breann Fallon


Andie Alexander