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Curanderismo Roundtable

2 May 2022

What is curanderismo and where is it practiced? How does it connect to the borderlands? Is it a "folk" religion, and what exactly does that mean? Tune in with Andie Alexander, Israel L. Domínguez, Brett Hendrickson, and Jennifer Koshatka Seman for the RSP's first episode on curanderismo!


Andie Alexander


Israel L. Domínguez


Jennifer Koshatka Seman


Brett Hendrickson


Semana Santa, Diversifying the Seder, Prayer in High School Football, and… Derry Girls? | Discourse! April 2022

25 April 2022

In this month’s discourse, Sidney Castillo is joined by Chris Cotter and Sierra Lawson to discuss the contemporary localized manifestations of Easter and Passover celebrations, a current US Supreme Court Case relating to the First Amendment, and the entanglement of Catholicism and national identity in television’s “Derry Girls”.


Christopher R. Cotter


Sidney Castillo


Sierra Lawson


Sunday in the Park with Theory

18 April 2022

Jason Ānanda Josephson Storm and Dan Gorman discuss Storm's thoughts about the future of critical theory from his recent book Metamodernism.


Jason Ā. Josephson Storm


Daniel Gorman, Jr.


Obeah and Experiments with Power

11 April 2022

What happens when we reframing spiritual practices as an "experiment with power"? This week, J. Brent Crosson joins Ray Kim to discuss how we can challenge conventional understandings of religion and law in modern nation-states. Be sure to tune in!


Ray Kim


J. Brent Crosson


How “Woke” Is Your Textbook?: Introducing Religious Studies in the 2020s

4 April 2022

RSP co-founder Chris Cotter and Paul Hedges discuss the construction of introductory textbooks in the contemporary world, including issues of positionality, criticality, and decolonization.


Christopher R. Cotter


Paul Hedges