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Power and Diversity in 4th Century Martyr Shrines

3 May 2021

How were 4th century Christian martyr shrines locations for the negotiation of power and diversity? In this interview, Nathaniel Morehouse explains the contested nature of these shrines.


David McConeghy


Nathaniel Morehouse


The New Satanic Panic and the Return of Blasphemy | Discourse! April 2021

26 April 2021

Join this month's host Dan Gorman and guests Maxinne Connolly-Panagopoulos and Sidney Castillo to find out what connects Lil' Nas X, Alabama's yoga ban and Polish black metal. As politics moves rightwards across Europe and the US, are we entering a period of pushback from conservative religious institutions against minority religions and secularism?


Sidney Castillo


Daniel Gorman Jr.


Maxinne Connolly-Panagopoulus


Comparing Methods in Christian Origins

19 April 2021

What happens when scholars take seriously the human-focused study of religious practices? In this episode, Willi Braun joins Andie Alexander to discuss the importance of critical approaches in the study of religion.


Andie Alexander


Willi Braun


Understanding Evangelical Opposition to Climate Action

12 April 2021

Evangelicals don't oppose climate activism for the reasons you think. Listen to expert Robin Veldman and find out why "embattlement" matters more than eschatology when it comes to rejecting climate science.


David McConeghy


Robin Veldman


On the Tantracization of Jain Ascetic Rituals

5 April 2021

In the RSP’s first episode on Jainism, Dr. Ellen Gough joins Andie Alexander to discuss what she terms “tantracization,” a method for thinking about the process of establishing something as tantric.


Andie Alexander


Ellen Gough