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Focus on Fieldwork: An RSP Remix

18 October 2021

In the first RSP Remix, Dave McConeghy guides us through recent RSP discussions of fieldwork and its impact on scholarship. This episode features excerpts from conversations with Christopher R. Cotter, Spencer Dew, Liz Bucar, Alyssa Maldonado-Estrada, Robin Veldman, Elizabeth Pérez, and Cristina Rocha.


Christopher R. Cotter


David McConeghy


Liz Bucar


Elizabeth Pérez


Cristina Rocha


Mapping the Digital Study of Religion

11 October 2021

Dan Gorman speaks with Christopher Cantwell and Kristian Petersen about the future of the digital study of religion.


Chris Cantwell


Daniel Gorman Jr.


Kristian Petersen


Deconstructing 'Religion' in Contemporary Japan

4 October 2021

In this episode, Dr. Mitsutoshi Horii joins Andie Alexander to discuss his recent book, The Category of 'Religion' in Contemporary Japan: Shūkyō & Temple Buddhism, where he demonstrates the necessity for understanding how and why certain groups come to be classified as 'religious' in contemporary Japan.


Andie Alexander


Mitsutoshi Horii


#ClassificationMatters | Discourse! September 2021 (with video)

27 September 2021

Kicking off our first episode of Discourse!, RSP co-founder David Robertson, Ting Guo, and Jacob Barrett discuss the effects of classification in vaccination resistance, the Texas abortion ban, and the equation of the hijab with oppression. It's an exciting episode—be sure to tune in!


David G. Robertson


Ting Guo


Jacob Barrett


History Repeated: Religious Conspiracy Theories Then and Now

20 September 2021

In this episode, Maxinne Connolly-Panagopoulus explores a range of Dr. Carmen Celestini's work on conspiracy theories, Christian apocalyptic thought and its impacts on political systems in America. They discuss early antimasonic movements, white supremacists from Christian Identity Organisation and discuss the parallels between old and new conspiracy thought and try to understand what is driving people to these movements.


Carmen Celestini


Maxinne Connolly-Panagopoulus