Video: The Religious Studies Project – What We’re All About…

Today marks a special occasion in the life of The Religious Studies Project – we’re giving our first ‘talk’. As part of Innovative Learning Week at the School of Divinity at the University of Edinburgh, we’re presenting a session where students and staff can come and learn a bit more about the project and how it was put together, and offer some feedback on what they would like to see in the future.

Unfortunately, Chris will be arriving in London as the event itself starts, so we thought that a video posted on the website would be a way for him to participate from afar. The video is posted below, and isn’t focused specifically towards this one event, but provides a platform for David and Chris to discuss why they set up The Religious Studies Project, what they aim to do, what they DON’T aim to do, and how you can help out.

Let us know what you think…

A Plea from the Religious Studies Project: Publicity

We decided when we launched the Religious Studies Project that we wanted to have a reasonable amount of content available on the site before we started a major publicity push. Now that we have published our fifth podcast – David’s interview with Graham Harvey – we are ready to start publicity in earnest. Over the coming days the team shall be emailing their contacts and academic departments (mostly in the UK) to let them know about the Project. However, the success of this publicity drive will largely be down to help from those who have already started using the site. To that end, please do keep up the excellent work you have been doing so far with inviting people to view the site, and to check us out on iTunes, Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, we have also produced an A4 poster and A5 flyer which you can print off and display in your academic department, school, academic conferences, religious institution or wherever. The jpeg of the poster is below, and pdfs of the poster and flyer can be accessed via these links.

Your help with this is greatly appreciated!