RSP Psychology of Religion Participatory Panel Special – Invitation to Submit Questions

Would you like to participate in a special episode of the RSP that lets YOU steer the conversation and ask tough questions on the psychology of religion to a panel with some of the worlds top psychologists of religion? Thanks to The Religious Studies Project team, you now have that opportunity!

Dr Christopher F. Silver & Thomas J. Coleman III

Dr Christopher F. Silver & Thomas J. Coleman III

In a one-of-a-kind special edition of The Religious Studies Project we want to invite you to join us at the International Association for the Psychology of Religion 2013 world conference. On the 28th of this month a panel comprised of world-renowned psychologists of religion await to hear from you and answer your questions in the social scientific study of religion in general and the psychology of religion in specific. The Psychology of Religion Participatory Panel Special will be video recorded and published through our website soon after. The panel will feature the following leading academics: Pierre-Yves Brandt and Jacob A. Belzen, and former RSP interviewees Heinz Streib and Ralph W. Hood Jr.

Who can submit a question? Anyone!

You may submit your questions to RSP assistant editor Dr. Christopher F. Silver and panel moderator Thomas J. Coleman III by emailing us at, Twitter (@ProjectRS), Facebook, or by adding a public comment in the field below.

All questions will be considered but final discretion will lie with the RSP team. Please keep your questions as direct and brief as possible and be sure to include your name, and academic institution if you wish to be recognized on air.

Please spread the word, and thanks (in advance) for listening.