RSP seeking interviewers and audio interns – particularly North America, Asia, Africa

We’re delighted to announce some exciting new opportunities to join the RSP team.

First, we are once again looking to increase our pool of interviewers. We particularly need interviewers in North America, as well as in Asia, Africa, and other regions that have been under-represented on the RSP to-date. Our interviewers typically record two or more interviews a year, so the role doesn’t have to be a huge investment in time, but it is a great opportunity to be part of a growing international community, meet influential scholars in our area of study, and have your voice heard across the globe. We can also train you up in the practicalities of networking, interviewing, audio recording, and more. If you, or anyone else you know (perhaps one of your students) would be interested, drop us an email (or an audio recording or video) telling us a little about yourself, and a couple of ideas for interviews you would like to record.

Second, we are looking to bring in at least one more audio intern to assist David, Samuel and Gregory. David trains interns in podcast audio production to a professional standard and this builds up to taking responsibility for editing full episodes. This is a unique opportunity to gain specialist skills. Training consists of video lessons and face-to-face sessions; the role itself requires about an hour every 2–3 weeks. If you, or anyone else you know would be interested, drop us an email (or an audio recording or video) telling us a little about yourself, your schedule, and why you are interested in the role.

To apply, email us at by 29 June 2018.


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    France fara Azema says:

    Hi. I just saw your request.
    I am an anthropologist in Indian Studies, working on the position of women in Hinduism. If you are still interested, I use to make interviews with Hindu women as well as Sikh women. Let me know if you think I can help you. It will be a pleasure. France Far


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