New Posters, and Looking to the Future

With a new academic year upon us (or already started in some regions), conference season fast approaching, and a new round of Religious Studies Project podcasts coming your way, we thought it was time to update our publicity material. Louise has done a sterling job on these posters and flyers, and I hope that you will all agree that it makes us look very professional.

Whether you are a student, member of academic staff, or participate in any community that you think might be interested, we would be very grateful if you could circulate these images, and maybe even put one up in your department and/or bring some with you to leave at conferences. We are already incredibly indebted to the support of all of our listeners and viewers – we could not do this without you – and we hope that you will not mind being prevailed upon once more. A4 and A5 pdfs of the poster/flyer can be accessed at these links.

As a final point, one of the main reasons that the podcast was started was to provide an easy access point to complex topics for undergraduate students. However, as we all know, sometimes these resources need to be flagged up so that students know that they exist. We were wondering if any of you are involved in teaching, TAing, tutoring etc on courses, or know those who put together course materials, and might be able to get in touch with us about the possibility of including some of our material as ‘additional’ or ‘suggested’ readings? You can reach us via the links on the ‘Contact‘ page. Thanks!

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