Breann is a Studies in Religion PhD Candidate from the University of Sydney, Australia, her candidacy having begun in January 2015. Her research interests lie in the areas of ‘religion and violence’, and ‘religion and aesthetics’. To date, she has published on religion and film as well as religion and art with forthcoming publications on aesthetic fetishisation in genocide and the impacts of genocidal rape on the ongoing soteriological sentiments of the survivor. Her PhD work looks into the fetishisation of aesthetics in genocide, explaining the creation of genocidal communities in addition to elucidating perpetrator motivation, justification, and absolution. Alongside her research, Breann commenced teaching in the Religious Studies department at the University of Sydney in 2015, taking two first year courses; History of God and Atheism, Fundamentalism, and New Religion. Her teaching responsibilities have expanded in 2016 taking on a senior Religious Studies unit, Sex, Desire and the Sacred in addition to the first year courses.



twitter: @bre_fallon